My research to date has been an effort to further understand the biophysics of proteins and enzymes in nonaqueous/unnatural environments. Specifically, my research concentrates on the development of novel biofluids that can perform enzymatic function in the absence of water. The aim of such research is to provide new technologies for biocatalysis purposes, and to further our understanding of proteins and enzymes in unnatural environments.

Initially my work, throughout my PhD and first post-doc, involved the design and characterization of solvent-free liquid proteins. These unique biofluids are liquids in the absent of any solvent, and retain structure, dynamics, and function despite the lack of water. Amazingly, these materials have a high thermal stability, with enzyme activity attainable at 150 °C.

Now, I am looking to develop ionic liquid stable enzymes, so that biocatalysis can be performed in a very versatile environment for industrial purposes.

More recently, I have begun a program of research on ionogels as a new platform technology for biocatalysis, bioelectronics, and biosensing.

Please see the links below, and my publications for further detail.

Solvent-free Liquid Proteins

Biocatalysis in Ionic Liquids