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New Nature Chemistry!

by alex.brogan on July 23, 2018, no comments

New paper on non-aqueous biocatalysis is now up: Click Here!


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The website has now been updated to include my work on proteins in ionic liquids – which can be found at


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The stabilizing enzymes in ionic liquids paper is now available as an ASAP article in JACS. See for more detail!


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The molecular dynamics paper is now available as an ASAP article in JACS. See for more detail!

Nature Communications

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New paper puplished in Nature Communications today –

New J. Phys. Chem. B

by alex.brogan on September 23, 2014, no comments

New paper! Kamendra Sharmas paper on Glucose oxidase soft solids and liquids has now been published (ASAP) –


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After 10 years in Bristol, I have now reloacted to Imperial!

New JACS paper

by alex.brogan on December 17, 2013, no comments

New paper published in JACS! “Redox Transitions in an Electrolyte-Free Myoglobin Fluid” See for further details.


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Website is now “complete”! i.e. there is now content on all pages!


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Work on solvent-free liquid proteins has been cited in recent paper by Takashi Nakanishi (NIMS) in Chem. Comm., entitled “Nonvolatile functional molecular liquids“